About me

Hello!  I’m Jo.  I’m 61, married with 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  I’m a psychologist and coach.  I run a private practice for therapy, see https://www.chtc.co.uk.  In my free time I like photography, sewing and walking my greyhound.

Point of this blog:  Coaching and therapy are exclusive to those who are either in the right job, have money or manage to get help from our overstretched NHS, often with long waiting times.  Both coaching and therapy seem pretty inaccessible to a lot of ordinary folk who could just use some strategies to live more contented lives.  This blog isn’t instead of professional help, if you are struggling then please seek out help from your GP in the first instance.

The tone of the blog is light.  I’m not going to be all academic about things as that makes it too much like hard work for everyone.  So if I seem jokey at times, please don’t take it personally.  I do not make light of psychological difficulties.

Any comments, please feel free to complete the comment box beneath each posting.